Digital Swamp


03-Jul-2022 – Next weekend 08-10 July! If you are in the Cairns area check out Tropik Tribal Gathering – get your tickets here!

07-Apr-2022 – Massively looking forward to playing at RootBound in FNQ, where the Sprout and Coalescence crews have joined forces to make what will be a truly epic festival!
Get amongst it – 12-14th August 2022!

RootBound 2022

12-Feb-2022 – After a long break I am super stoked to be heading back up to Qld this year!
I am honoured to be a part of the amazing and diverse lineup at Earth Frequency Festival – check it out, this will be a party you don’t want to miss!

Earth Freq 2022

06-Dec-2021 – Next Saturday 11th Dec! Melbourne folk should head to 3 Ravens Brewery for the Wild Things Street Doof – get your tix here!

06-Dec-2021 – New Digital Swamp track featuring on Universal Tribe Records’ latest release Primal Drive 6. Also featuring tracks by legends such as Electrypnose and Radioactive Cake – Out now on Bandcamp!

Primal Drive 6 - out now!

20-Aug-2019 – Now here’s a proper bush doof to kick off summer – I’m stoked to be part of the first round lineup for Elysium Gathering 2019
If you like my tunes, you’ll love what Elysium have in store!
Elysium Gathering 2019

19-Aug-2019 – Coming up 30th August! Step into The Portal – featuring some seriously deep and twisted tunes at the legendary Rubix Warehouse in Melbourne

03-Dec-2018 – Absolutely stoked to be a part of Tanglewood Music & Arts Festival 2018/19! With an amazing lineup of music and a beautiful festival vibe, Tanglewood has something for everyone. Grab your tickets here!

Tanglewood NYE

16-Nov-2018 – Brisbane gig alert! Dreamtime III will be held at Capulet on the 5th January – come down and have a boogie to some of the finest up and coming electronic music! Full lineup TBA

09-Oct-2018 – I’m very stoked to be a part of the Rubix lineup for Where The Wild Things Are 2019! With a huge lineup spread across two venues (Ceres Environment Park during the day, then kicking on at Rubix Warehouse into the night) get your tickets here

04-Oct-2018 – Future gig alert! Happiness Hill 2 is shaping up to be a most excellent gathering by The Boogie Collective, to be held on 17-20 May 2019 and located deep in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland. Get in quick for first round tickets here!

13-Sep-2018 – I’m very excited to announce that my first full-length album Biosynthesis is out now on Universal Tribe Records!
Check it out here


05-Sep-2018 – New album coming your way very soon! Biosynthesis will be released on the 13th of September.
Here’s a sneaky preview mix:

04-Sep-2018 – The awesome crew at Tranquil Sounds Productions are putting on another of their amazing Tree Psyde gatherings, and I’m stoked to announce that they have invited me to play at both the launch party this November, and also at the festival over Easter weekend 2019. Get on board for a sweet few days of planting trees, great tunes, good vibes and an awesome lineup!
Both these events will be around Mackay, Qld. Follow the links for more details.

Tree Psyde Launch Party

10-Aug-2018 – Universal Tribe Records have released the second installation of the Terra Immotus series, Terra Immotus II: The Amazon. Out now on Bandcamp!

Terra Immotus 2 - The Amazon - out now!

29-May-2018 – Here’s a new track I’ve cooked up! Planet Home is available in lossless (.wav) format as a free download via Soundcloud:

5-Apr-2018 – Next up I’ll be playing in Melbourne at Psy Sessions – Amazonian Shipibo Tribe Fundraiser to help raise funds for much needed medical supplies and health services for the Shipibo Tribe of the Amazon. This event is for an exceptionally good cause and features an amazing lineup headlined by Twisted Sibling, Pspiralife, and One Tasty Morsel. More info is available here.

Shipibo Tribe Fundraiser

16-Feb-2018 – Very much looking forward to playing at Neuron Vacuum, an excellent looking festival located in the Newcastle region of NSW on the weekend of 16-18 March. Tickets can be found here.

08-Dec-2017 – I’m stoked to announce that I will be playing at the next Psyfari Festival in February! I’ve heard great things about Psyfari and am looking forward to attending (and playing) for the first time. Tickets can be found here.

14-Sep-2017 – Universal Tribe Records‘ compilation Primal Drive 4 is out now! Available on all major platforms, Primal Drive 4 features tracks from Digital Swamp, Smoke Sign, Lumen, Redshift, sTump & Modlion, along with remixes from Grouch, Amuzing the Freak & Medjula.

Primal Drive 4 - Out Now!

09-Sep-2017 – I’m very excited to announce that I will be playing at this year’s Dragon Dreaming Festival in NSW! Tickets and further info can be found here.

Primal Drive 4 - Out Now!

30-Aug-2017 – Universal Tribe Records‘ compilation “Primal Drive 4” is landing soon! I have put together a teaser mix which you can check out here.

Primal Drive 4 - Preview

14-Jun-2017 – As is customary with Glitchy.Tonic.Records‘ releases, Dank Factory is now freely available on the legendary Ektoplazm music portal – Check it out here.

Dank Factory on Ektoplazm

09-May-2017 – I’m very excited to announce that my new EP Dank Factory is out now on Glitchy.Tonic.RecordsGet it on Bandcamp here.

Dank Factory

30-Apr-2017 – Digital Swamp website is online.